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Therapy & Modalities

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is the treatment of injury by physical methods such as massage, heat and exercise. In our office we use Physical Therapy to compliment Chiropractic Care to help heal your body quicker. Our Therapy helps increase flexibility strengthen muscles to better hold your adjustments.


In Motion

Electrical Muscle Stimulation


EMS in another tool we use to treat and relax your muscles. By running a small electrical current through the muscle we can break up trigger points and reduce muscle and joint swelling. This also releases chemicals in the body such as endorphins which are natural pain relievers.



Ultrasound is another therapy we use to address pain in the joints and ligaments. But don't worry this wont tell you if you're pregnant haha. By sending small sound waves throughout the body it can help reduce swelling and works by massaging soft tissues. This procedure is quick, painless and does an excellent job in conjunction with other therapies to improve your condition.

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