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Sports Injury Prevention

In today's world of Professional Sports, athletes are constantly reaching new heights. Records and feats that seemed like they'd stand the test of time are now being shattered. Athletes are pushing their bodies to the limit through new forms of training to give themselves any edge over their opponents. However, with rigorous training comes the risk of injury, making injury prevention of the utmost importance. 

Chiropractors are a vital part of the injury prevention team that many major athletes include in their regimen. Chiropractors actually are specifically trained to assess and treat many of the injuries that athletes encounter. In many cases Chiropractors are more successful at treating sport related injuries than your traditional MD who may not have had much experience dealing with sports injuries. Their goal is to not only treat but to also prevent future injuries.

The old way of treating injuries has kept many athletes on the sidelines longer than they'd like. They were given pain medications that merely masked their symptoms and never go to the root cause of their injuries. Unfortunately this type of treatment still exists today despite all the new research available to us. Chiropractors treat the injury as a whole getting to the root of the problem, as opposed to just the specific symptoms associated with injury.

When treating sports injuries is so important because it focuses on Biomechanics or how the body moves. Through this approach the muscles, joints, tendons, and nerves are all considered when treating the injuries. By making sure all the parts are working correctly, Chiropractors and increase the efficiency to which the body moves prevent and treating injuries.

More and more we are seeing Professional Athletes who are now adopting Chiropractic as part of their treatment but also their injury prevention through wellness visits. Many athletes express how they don't know how they ever played sports before without seeing a Chiropractor. If you are an athlete, active or have little athletes running around at home making a visit to the Chiropractor will be the best decision you make today. Call us today to see how Chiropractic can make you the most efficient athlete you  deserve to be!

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